* Version 1.0.5
* FIX – Fixed issue of mobile menu items not bein clickable that are not Mega Menu’s.
* FIX – Changed where the we position the mega menu from the right to look at #top-menu-nav instead of .et_menu_container – this will fix issues of padding but check after and before update to make sure it works.
* Version 1.0.4
* IMPORTANT – After updating, go to Divi > Theme options > Builder press “clear” next to the static CSS file generation.
* FIX – adding padding on top of the mega menu so that if you have a border on the primary menu, the hover still works.
* MODIFICATION – Changed HTML so that it is hidden from the initial load and doesn’t wait till CSS has loaded.
* MODIFICATION – Changed js so that the parent menu link is not changed to “#” on the desktop.
* NEW ADDITION – Added a new menu under Divi Engine called “Mega Menu Settings”, here we will house all the settings that are not related to each individual mega menu.
* NEW ADDITION – Added compatibility for a fixed mobile menu. To enable this, go to Divi Engine > Mega Menu Settings and check the box there.
* FIX – Fixed issue of the visual builder not working. We have had to change where we put the mega menu from the top of the website to the bottom – this way the visual builder looks for the page itself and not the mega menu. You may have a CSS issue if you are using Divi’s Static CSS File Generation. To fix, go to Divi theme options, to the Builder tab and click “clear” next to Static CSS File Generation. Please note that you cant see the mega menu in the visual builder because of conflict.
* Version 1.0.3
* FIX – Changed code to fix the alignment issue on iPhone.
* Version 1.0.2
* Changed the way to works out the heights
* Added box shadow under menu
* Version 0.4
* Modified to js file to change:
– Targeting only the menu items that you have added a css option to.
– Position of the menu relative to the right hand side
– Taken into consideration the wp admin menu bar when position the mega menu from the top
– Removed padding: 0 and margin: 0 from the mega menu, you change the size of the padding
– Added css to make the mega menu 100% from 980px screen wide and down
– Added js min file to load